Mattias Rost

Researcher and Coder

Talk about ChatGPT

Posted on 2023-03-24

I recently made a public talk at a local meetup, based on the previous blog post. It was recorded and can be watched below.

I start off by describing ChatGPT as a wheel of fortune where every spin generates a new word based on a probability distribution conditioned on the given prompt.

I then talk about how new technology tends to be used to do the things we already do in the ways we already do them (in terms of Marshall McLuhan). I explain this based on the notion of bounded rationality.

I then show how people have been trying to use ChatGPT as an alternative to existing technology, and how it often fails as an existing technology.

I finish by showing how we tend to anthropomorphise ChatGPT because the interface is chat, and that it again is a bad idea to treat it as something with human traits.

To conclude I explain that the way we try and use it is normal, and that it will take some time before this technology find its own use. And when it does, it will be become incredibly powerful. We should therefore start using it now and experiment and explore what this is, and how it may enable us to do new things, in new ways.

Watch the video on youtube here: