Mattias Rost

Researcher and Coder

I am an academic again!

Posted on 2019-07-18

After a little more than two years at Iteam, I am now back in academia! This week I'm starting my position as a senior lecturer at the University of Gothenburg. I will be affiliated with the division of human-computer interaction at the department of applied IT. The division is just starting as I join, so I will be working together with Alexandra Weilenmann to establish it.

I am currently interested in understanding how mobile technology (and IT in general) is affecting our well-being (both positive and negative), and will continue looking in that direction. I'm also very keen on collaborating on this with other researchers, across disciplines so please reach out if you find this topic interesting.

I am excited about being back as an academic, both to do research and to teach and inspire students.